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Rules at GirlBrainTrust are very straightforward: Be respectful and think before you comment. It's our space and our rules, all of which may change without notice or explanation.

We ask that you be willing to adjust your opinions based on the evidence we present. What we say here generally based on publicly available research studies, and on our own lives and experiences. When we say, for example, that sexism is real, it's not a delusion; we ask thoughtfulness in responding to our assertions.

GirlBrainTrust is a space intended to be entirely devoid of bigotry, no matter the form. This includes sexism, racism, sizeism, transphobia, ableism, ageism, homophobia, xenophobia and anything else of the sort. Also, we're just going to say here and now that claims of free speech in defense of anything the mods deem inappropriate will not help your case. If you want free speech, you will utilize it in your own space, not ours. We are not the public domain.

We do not participate in or allow the Oppression Olympics. Do not troll, concern troll, sock puppet, derail, silence, bully, or be otherwise cantankerous.

You will frequently see [TW] on posts. That is a Trigger Warning. If something you have to say contains anything that could potentially be triggering, we ask that you include [TW] at the top of your comment. If we deem your comment to be triggering and you haven't included a warning, then your comment will be edited to include it without notice or apology.

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